I am here to admit that I am a stationary junky! 
     Sticky notes my fav! Leaving little notes all over the place, my specialty!Don't even get me started on my new obsession with decorative chalk board lettering! 
         You may consider them old fashion, I think it's a great unique way to get the repetition you need for memory's sake! Even at my vibrant age of twenty things tend to slip my mind!
 The last several months of life have been a whirlwind, but recently, I decided for my own sake I needed to add one more thing to my pile of life changes! (What's this girl thinking? Right?! Not enough changes!)
     Instead of sticky notes I have been loving writing out my prayers! I say loving it, but there's been some times lately it's been difficult! I hope to explain why and I know some of ya'll will be right there with me! And if not that's, Ok too!
    If your like me growing up in church came naturally, it was a part of who you were because it was a part of who your family was! Well, this may shock your socks but even I struggle praying sometimes! being a "church goer" doesn't mean everything is hunky dory or that everything comes easy! Praying is a special thing between You and the relationship that's held with God! So whether your distant and trying to draw near, or just starting your relationship with God it can be a struggle to pray! It can be awkward to you or it can feel extremely unnatural. My advice for you: Don't be fooled or discouraged from praying! It's a relationship and it has to be built, even if it feels unnatural to begin with!
  I'm going to share my top "4" reasons for doing this with you!
     1. You can use as much cute paper as you want! No limits! Go wild!
     2. Praying, like I said, is special! It's something God desires from you! He wants you to rest in Him and rely on Him for what's on your heart!
     3.The more you share with God, the closer you will feel with Him!
     4. As time goes on you're going to find out just how COOL it is to see where your heart was at one point and the result of where God led you from there! Freaky, but powerful & humbling!
   This method has been so refreshing for me and if you give 'er a try I hope it will be for you as well!

 The Farmers Daughter


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