I am here to admit that I am a stationary junky! 
     Sticky notes my fav! Leaving little notes all over the place, my specialty!Don't even get me started on my new obsession with decorative chalk board lettering! 
         You may consider them old fashion, I think it's a great unique way to get the repetition you need for memory's sake! Even at my vibrant age of twenty things tend to slip my mind!
 The last several months of life have been a whirlwind, but recently, I decided for my own sake I needed to add one more thing to my pile of life changes! (What's this girl thinking? Right?! Not enough changes!)
     Instead of sticky notes I have been loving writing out my prayers! I say loving it, but there's been some times lately it's been difficult! I hope to explain why and I know some of ya'll will be right there with me! And if not that's, Ok too!
    If your like me growing up in church came naturally, it was a part of who you were because it was a part of who your family was! Well, this may shock your socks but even I struggle praying sometimes! being a "church goer" doesn't mean everything is hunky dory or that everything comes easy! Praying is a special thing between You and the relationship that's held with God! So whether your distant and trying to draw near, or just starting your relationship with God it can be a struggle to pray! It can be awkward to you or it can feel extremely unnatural. My advice for you: Don't be fooled or discouraged from praying! It's a relationship and it has to be built, even if it feels unnatural to begin with!
  I'm going to share my top "4" reasons for doing this with you!
     1. You can use as much cute paper as you want! No limits! Go wild!
     2. Praying, like I said, is special! It's something God desires from you! He wants you to rest in Him and rely on Him for what's on your heart!
     3.The more you share with God, the closer you will feel with Him!
     4. As time goes on you're going to find out just how COOL it is to see where your heart was at one point and the result of where God led you from there! Freaky, but powerful & humbling!
   This method has been so refreshing for me and if you give 'er a try I hope it will be for you as well!

 The Farmers Daughter

God knew what he was doing when he gave us a day of rest! The older I get the more thankful I am for Sundays, not so much because I don't have to work, but for what God really designed Sundays for! I value them more and more all the time! 
Tonight I got to go out with Mom and Dad for a ride through the pasture and it's amazing to me what kind of peace it brings! Looking over the pasture, just being there gives me peace! Being reminded of how insignificant my life issues are in comparison to how BIG God is, is the best way to enjoy the day of rest!
I won't lie... I also LOVE the photos I get while I'm there, but who can blame me?  
I love our pretty little cow herd! 
The Farmer's Daughter

We made it to JUNE!!!!!! The month of non stop action!
 I'm sure you know just what I mean!
 We started the month out strong with our sweet mamma's birthday! She's the cutest thing ever, I tell you what I love her more than the candles on her birthday cake... okay bad joke? yeah! Anyway! I love her lots and cherish every ounce of who she is to me! We spent the day shopping and had a delightful lunch outside that afternoon! The weather that evening was absolutely beautiful, which made dinner at The Patio perfect! Little did she know the ENTIRE family was there waiting on her!
 And our birthday adventure pictures are HERE........

Some other adventures we've experienced lately consist of...... 

Fearing Caleb's dangerous side with golf clubs! 

And kitty cuddles with our NEW babies!!!

The June calendar is only filling up more and more, but that means there's just that much more excitement for ya'll to get in on!!!! 

The Farmer's Daughter

Being human can be the most frustrating thing sometimes! I sure hope I'm not the only one that feels that way! 
 Lately I've been realizing a flaw in myself and I just want to be like "well gosh dang it"!!!! Really, I need to get to action and DO something about it, but here's the thing I get flustered with myself because I haven't been recognizing God in the way I truly should be. What I mean is that, I've gotten really comfortable with having a grateful heart when things are all smooth sailing, then I turn around and become a hot mess when I have a bad day... This is when you stop me and kick me in the butt!
   It's super hard to have a heart that's all happy and grateful when you have people being moody or difficult with you. It's a constant battle! It doesn't matter if it's people from work, family members, or complete strangers it's a battle I'm still learning how to fight! At this point I'm losing!
 I haven't been laying my trust on God like I should, so I know I have a growing spot! 
   Pardon my random thought, but on days that I get flustered I just want to be like Kimberely Perry from The Band Perry and be all like  I GOT MY CHAINSAW!!!!!
   Anyway! I'm really glad the holy spirit is in my life to WAKE ME UP and help me realize these things!!!
   Today was absolutely beautiful! I'm a fan of this awesome weather we've been getting in Indiana!
  Here's a quick look into my day!!! I was at the salon all day, rockin the rat tail as my boyfriend would say! Don't be fooled, he loves my little pony tail! I got the sweetest note and flowers from a client!She has the most tender heart, it's going to be really hard for me to leave my clients; then after I came home Rachel and I went for an evening walk!!! It was gorgeous out, I mean would ya look at that corn!!! 

The Farmer's Daughter 

Thinking back on the week just makes me wish there was a rewind button! 
  Once I found myself in the window seat of a 767 aircraft I felt like I was finally getting closer to home! No! it's not where I was born,but Texas is where I consider home! It holds my heart and there's no shadow of a doubt about it!
  Justin had to give me a hard time about being the last off the plane, but the way I look at it he better just be happy I actually got off!!! I love my sweet boy and I have loved our airport adventures for sure, but we are super excited to not have to make anymore trips there! Each and every time I step onto a plane from Indiana it's a thrill,but driving back to the airport has only gotten harder over time. We're excited to make my moving to Texas official!!!! Only "THREE" months left!!!!!!
   Those in Texas have a lot of pride in where they come from, and although I don't originate from there God has led my heart and soul there; so that is where I find my pride in knowing God has a direct plan of action for me there! Ya'll better hang on tight because little miss Indiana is coming your way!!!! 
    It couldn't have been a more beautiful night strolling out of the airport with all fifty pounds of my luggage, nothing beats riding around in the truck with your favorite man and with miss maggie too, of course!
     The next evening was really special and had me thanking the Lord for what an awesome guy he put in my life! He's going to be an amazing AG teacher, I'm pumped for him!
 We had a wonderful week, it was full of excitement and I wouldn't have changed a thing about it!
  Justin is in the process of buying a house, switching schools, and coming to help me move!We're keeping him a busy man! I am getting closer to passing on my crown as Miss Jasper Co. Fair Queen, working, and doing all I can to get my cosmo. license switched to Texas! 
  We've got a CRAZY couple months ahead of us and a ton of things going! 
And no need to worry, there will be lots of action coming your way on the blog!!!
  Well today was absolutely beautiful so I had to sneak some snap shots! I'll add a couple from my trip too,sorry they're not great! Definitely cannot wait to get my camera down there so I can show you how beautiful it is there!!!
   Until next time!!!
 Love to all,
 The Farmer's Daughter   



I love Fall and I truly cherish every detail of the season!
Welcome To Fall!
I've long missed writing and the peacefulness of sharing some of the joys of my life with ya'll!!!
Like I said, I love fall as well as it's pleasantness!
I'm a big supporter in anything that encompasses coziness.. Anything and everything I tell you!
I love sipping hot tea...
I love wearing leggings and boots...
I love eating breakfast wrapped in my fleece cheetah blanket...
I love burning candles...
I love how pretty the leaves make our gravel roads look...
I love watching the calves run in the grass lots out my mammas kitchen window...
I love how soft and fuzzy my kitten is getting...
I love looking at the morning fog against the rising sunshine...
Oh my goodness! There's so many things that make me love this season!
 One thing I'm particularly fond of during this season is Thanksgiving.. Now! growing up my mind sort of fled straight to Christmas, but I've found a warm spot in my heart particularly for the holiday of Thanksgiving! Both traditionally and spiritually it has a world of meaning to all kinds of us! Over the past two years I've had a run in with this whole Thanksgiving topic though. I'm not talking about a run in with a turkey, I am talking about a run in my heart has had with being thankful.
Part of being thankful I've had to learn and embrace is being content! I don't want you to misunderstand because with this I know it could be easy, but for a long time I was confusing having goals with being discontent.
 My favorite quote is " I'm far from where I once was, but not yet where I'm going to be." I love this! I believe it has so much truth behind it! I also believe that achieving goals comes with having a thankful heart for where you currently are, embracing what God's placed around you as you work towards the plans he has for you in the near future!
My lovingly blunt version! Don't get so caught up in where your "trying to get" that you forget to look around and be thankful for what you've already got going on!!!
The Farmers Daughter 



In the making

Thinking back on this very time last year, I can remember every excitement the week brought!
    It's pageant week, and although the excitement remains this year it's a weee bit different....
When I stop to embrace the events that will take place this week the word that pops into my mind is bittersweet. I can't think of a better word to describe this feeling of excitement, eager impatience, but sadness as well.
   If we were to rewind to last year you'd see me as a very anxious Queen contestant only praying her hair extensions wouldn't fall out and that she'd make it across the stage without biting it!!!
Pageant week is a true job that can only be taken with joy and hard work! Late night practices walking on stage, perfecting stage positions, lighting, introductions, all while your feet are screaming for mercy!
 You may say oh Hannah your over exaggerating, it couldn't have been that bad! No! I loved every minute of it, but I was being for real about your feet begging for mercy!!!!
      This years pageant is bittersweet when I think about finishing my reign as Miss Jasper County's 2nd Runner Up! Memory on top of memory flood to my heart and make me feel touched as well as sad. When you take on a role like a Queen does it influences your life in many ways and I'm so thankful for the impact it had over my relationships with others, my role of responsibility, and  it's grasp on shaping me into a better young woman!
 For me the story doesn't end there! It's my excitement to have been blessed with an opportunity to run again for the title of Miss Jasper County 2013! Pageant week is only beginning and my eagerness is building all over again! With that being said through everything I  have walked away from my experiences with The Miss Jasper County pageant with pride! Whether there is a Crown on my head or not.... This is my county, this is my home, and I am proud to say the people who work hard in this community are the same people who are investing in me, to shape me into the woman I am today!
 Pageant week has begun and although I'm spending the first day of it in bed sick with a cold I could NOT be any more excited to see where and how God is going to use my passion for carrying honor and pride for this place I call my home!!!!! LET THE FUN BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!